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Innovation, Reallocation and Growth

Innovation, Reallocation and Growth. William R. Kerr, 2013, Paper. “We build a model of firm-level innovation, productivity growth and reallocation featuring endogenous entry and exit. A key feature is the selection between high- and low-type firms, which differ in terms of their innovative capacity. We estimate the parameters of the model using detailed US Census micro data on firm-level output, R&D and patenting. The model provides a good fit to the dynamics of firm entry and exit, output and R&D, and its implied elasticities are in the ballpark of a range of micro estimates…” Link

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Local Industrial Structures and Female Entrepreneurship in India

Local Industrial Structures and Female Entrepreneurship in India. William R. Kerr, 2013, Paper. “We analyze the spatial determinants of female entrepreneurship in India in the manufacturing and services sectors. We focus on the presence of incumbent female-owned businesses and their role in promoting higher subsequent female entrepreneurship relative to male entrepreneurship. We find evidence of agglomeration economies in both sectors, where higher female ownership among incumbent businesses within a district-industry predicts a greater share of subsequent entrepreneurs will be female…” Link Verified October 12, 2014

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Labor Regulations and European Venture Capital

Labor Regulations and European Venture Capital. William R. Kerr, January 2013, Paper. “European nations substitute between employment protection regulations and labor market expenditures (e.g., unemployment insurance benefits) for providing worker insurance. Employment regulations more directly tax firms making frequent labor adjustments than other labor market insurance mechanisms. Venture capital investors are especially sensitive to these labor adjustment costs. Nations favoring labor market expenditures as the mechanism for providing worker insurance developed stronger venture capital markets over 1990–2008, especially in high volatility sectors…” Link Verified October 11, 2014

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The Secret to Job Growth: Think Small

The Secret to Job Growth: Think Small. Edward Glaeser, William Kerr, July 2010, Paper. “With job growth continuing to lag even as the economy picks up, local communities will be tempted to resume “smokestack chasing” – using tax breaks to attract big employers. That’s a misguided approach. Research shows that regional economic growth is highly correlated with the presence of many small, entrepreneurial employers – not a few big ones. In fact, a study of U.S. metro regions showed that cities whose number of “firms per worker” was 10% higher than the average in 1977 experienced 9%…” May require purchase or user account. Link

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Entrepreneurship and Urban Success: Toward a Policy Consensus

Entrepreneurship and Urban Success: Toward a Policy Consensus. Edward Glaeser, William Kerr, February 2008, Paper. “Like all politics, all entrepreneurship is local. Individuals launch firms and, if successful, expand their enterprises to other locations. But new firms must start somewhere, even if their businesses are conducted largely or exclusively on the Internet. Likewise, policymakers at local and state levels increasingly recognize that entrepreneurship is the key to building and sustaining their economies’ growth. Although this is a seemingly obvious proposition, it represents something of a departure from past…” Link

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