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Development Ethics as Reflected in the Right to Development

Development Ethics as Reflected in the Right to Development. Stephen Marks, 2018, Book Chapter, “One of the most salient contradictions of human rights in international development is the fact that there exists a human rights instrument that directly addresses all agreedupon ethical principles of development, as defined in this handbook (See Chapter 1 above.) and yet implementation of that instrument is mired in “political theatre” and consequently is inoperable. Indeed, the Declaration on the Right to Development (DRTD), which was adopted by UN General Assembly (GA) on 4 December 1986 (UN 1986), addresses directly all seven values analyzed by this handbook and efforts to clarify the meaning of its ten articles through expert inputs provided to the United Nations have been even more explicit on these ethical principles.Link

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Exponential Innovation and Human Rights: Implications for Science and Technology Diplomacy

Exponential Innovation and Human Rights: Implications for Science and Technology Diplomacy. Calestous Juma, February 27, 2018, Paper, “The international community has historically maintained hope that advances in science and technology offer humanity a wide range of options for improving its well-being. Recently anxieties arising from rapid advancement in science and technology and the emergence of new global business models have re-opened debates on the relations between exponential innovation and human rights. The search for inclusive innovation models has led to the need to rethink traditional views about concepts such as “a technology transfer” that continue to underpin international negotiations, especially under the United Nations (UN).Link

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Economists’ declaration on universal health coverage

Economists’ declaration on universal health coverage. Lawrence Summers, September 17, 2015, Opinion, “With the UN set to launch the bold sustainable development agenda this autumn, this is a crucial moment for global leaders to reflect on the financial investments to maximise progress by 2030. As an input into deliberations around those investments, the signatories to this declaration, economists from 44 countries, call on global policy makers to prioritise a pro-poor pathway to universal health coverage (UHC) as an essential pillar of development.Link

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