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Demand Side Secular Stagnation

Demand Side Secular Stagnation. Lawrence Summers, May 2015, Paper. “The experience of first Japan and now Europe and the USA suggests that Hansen’s concept of secular stagnation is highly relevant. Recovery has been anemic and follows a generation of financially unsustainable and often lackluster growth. Investment demand has declined while the supply of saving has increased, leaving the economy vulnerable to liquidity traps. Although some US indicators have improved, forward real rates have declined sharply, European prospects remain muddled, and the zero-bound will likely constrain again during the next recession...” Link

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Foreign Trade and Investments: Firm-Level Perspectives

Foreign Trade and Investments: Firm-Level Perspectives. Elhanan Helpman, May 10, 2013, Paper. “This Economica Coase Lecture reviews research that has revolutionized the field of international trade and foreign direct investment. It explains the motivation behind the development of new analytical frameworks, the nature of these frameworks, and the empirical studies that sprouted from them…” May require purchase or user account. Link

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Should U.S. Fiscal Policy Address Slow Growth or the Debt? A Nondilemma

Should U.S. Fiscal Policy Address Slow Growth or the Debt? A Nondilemma. Jeffrey A. Miron, January 8, 2013, Paper. “The United States faces two economic challenges: slow growth and an ever-increasing ratio of debt to GDP. Many policymakers believe they face a dilemma because the policy solutions to the two problems are opposite. To address the slow recovery, standard — Keynesian — economics suggests further fiscal stimulus in the form of lower taxes or higher spending. But that recommendation runs head-first into the economy’s second crucial challenge, the long-run fiscal imbalance. Yet policymakers are…” Link verified March 28, 2014

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