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Fed bashing is a fool’s game

Fed bashing is a fool’s game. Lawrence Summers, November 5, 2018, Opinion, “President Donald Trump has publicly and harshly rebuked Jay Powell, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, for what he regards as misguided increases in interest rates that threaten continued economic expansion. As with much of what Mr Trump says and does, his way of doing business is counterproductive, irrespective of whatever merit his underlying position may have.Link

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The Fed’s Next Big Set of Challenges

The Fed’s Next Big Set of Challenges. Lawrence Summers, August 25, 2017, Opinion, “I will not be attending Jackson Hole this year but I will be thinking about some of the issues under discussion. As I have written recently, I think the period going forward will be more challenging for central banks than the preceding few years. I will sleep best at night if Janet Yellen is reappointed.Link

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WSJ Event: The Fed’s Challenges as it Scripts an Easy Money Exit

WSJ Event: The Fed’s Challenges as it Scripts an Easy Money Exit. Jeremy Stein, January 15, 2015, Video. “Former Federal Reserve governor Jeremy Stein, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, provided wide-ranging comments on the prospect for central bank interest rate increases this year and the factors weighing on policy makers as they ponder their decision…Link

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Limits of Monetary Policy in Theory and Practice

Limits of Monetary Policy in Theory and Practice. Carmen Reinhart, October 2011, Paper. “The view that modest alterations to monetary policy have vast consequences for national economies would seem to be inconsistent with theory and evidence. Most modern economic models (represented authoritatively by Woodford 2005) offer limited scope for policy surprises. The basic logic is that spending depends on decisions capitalized over the longer term, and small perturbations in the level of the short-term interest rate do not matter much to those values. More fundamentally, the prominence accorded to authorities…” Link verified March 28, 2014

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