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State Ownership and Firm-level Performance

State Ownership and Firm-level Performance, Aldo Musacchio, November 14, 2014, Paper. “State-owned enterprises (SOEs) remain widespread in various countries even after decades of privatization and liberalization reforms. In this paper we analyze a large dataset of listed SOEs, both majority- and minority-owned, covering several countries and industries between 1997 and 2012. We compare these SOEs to a sample of private firms using matching methods combined with differences-in-differences estimation to control for the endogenous choice of state ownership…” Link

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Leviathan as a Minority Shareholder: Firm-level Implications of State Equity Purchases

Leviathan as a Minority Shareholder: Firm-level Implications of State Equity Purchases. Aldo Musacchio, September 2013, Paper. “In many countries, firms face institutional voids that raise the costs of doing business and thwart entrepreneurial activity. We examine a particular mechanism to address those voids: minority state ownership. Due to their minority nature, such stakes are less affected by the agency distortions commonly found in full-fledged state-owned firms. Using panel data from publicly traded firms in Brazil…” Link verified June 19, 2014

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State Capitalism and State-Owned Enterprise Reform

State Capitalism and State-Owned Enterprise Reform. Aldo Musacchio, March 2013, Case. “The note examines state capitalism in the twenty-first century. It introduces a series of topics and cases related to state capitalism, such as the debate about the causes of inefficiency in state owned enterprises, possible ways of turning them around, as well as a short discussion of sovereign wealth funds (SWFS), national champions, development banks, etc. The note explicitly links some of these topics to HBS cases designed to dive deeper into each subject…..” May require purchase or user account. Link verified August 26, 2014

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