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Financial Stability in Abnormal Times

Financial Stability in Abnormal Times. Kenneth Rogoff, February 5, 2019, Opinion, “Despite improvements in the financial system since the 2008 crisis, the piecemeal reforms that have been enacted fall far short of what is needed. And an inexorably growing financial system, combined with an increasingly toxic political environment, means that the next major financial crisis may come sooner than you think.Link

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The Return of Volatility Is Mainly About Monetary Policy

The Return of Volatility Is Mainly About Monetary Policy. Niall Ferguson, October 26, 2014 , Opinion. “Four weeks ago I was in London at a conference organized by one of the biggest U.S. banks. The program included a session with the dread title, “2014, The Death of Volatility?” As it followed a rash of similar presentations and articles this year—“The Strange Death of Volatility,” “The Day Volatility Died” and the like—I knew from experience that a spike in volatility was imminent. And sure enough, since the end of last month, financial markets around the world have gone from gliding up an escalator to riding a bucking bronco…”  May require purchase or user account. Link

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