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Should You Agitate, Innovate, or Orchestrate?

Should You Agitate, Innovate, or Orchestrate? Julie Battilana, September 18, 2017, Opinion, “When Marie Trellu-Kane observed increased fragmentation across social and economic lines in France, and increasing youth unemployment, she could not help but respond. In 1994, along with Lisbeth Shepherd and Anne-Claire Pache, she cofounded Unis-Cité, a nonprofit that launched France’s first youth service program, modeled after City Year in the United States. Still the president of Unis-Cité in 2017, Trellu-Kane recalled, “We were 23 [years old] at the time, so we created the organization that we wished would have existed to satisfy our own desires to act on the problems of exclusion and inequality.Link

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New Directions in the Sociology of Development

New Directions in the Sociology of Development. Jocelyn Viterna, 2014, Paper. “At the close of World War II, “development” evolved along two distinct paths. On the first, scholars aimed to generate theoretical understandings of social change, especially at the national level (development studies). On the second, policy makers in governments and other development-focused organizations initiated actions to promote positive social change (development practice). In this article, we review the recent trajectory of development scholarship in sociology, paying close attention to the intersections between development studies and development practice.Link

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