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More Frequent Sales Quotas Help Volume but Hurt Profits

More Frequent Sales Quotas Help Volume but Hurt Profits. Das Narayandas, August 20, 2017, Opinion, “Firms often struggle with finding the best way to motivate their sales force. How much of a sales rep’s compensation should consist of a fixed salary and how much should be based on commission? What’s the effectiveness of bonuses and other incentives? In a recent study, we focused on sales quotas. More specifically, what should be the appropriate frequency of quotas—daily or monthly?Link

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The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. Julie Battilana, May 2014, Case. “In 2014, as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has just brought former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on as chairman of the board, Jean Rogers, founder and CEO struggles with how best to ensure the nonprofit’s financial sustainability while pushing for broad acceptance of its nonfinancial accounting metrics…” May require purchase or user account. Link Verified October 12, 2014

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Corporate Reporting in the Big Data Era

Corporate Reporting in the Big Data Era. George Serafeim, April 29, 2014, Opinion. “Advancements in information technology can improve corporate communication with shareholders, but not through incessant data dumps. Instead, companies will more likely be poised for continued success if they use digital platforms for long-term oriented engagement and communication in the context of our changing global economy. This is characterized by increased demand for corporate transparency, heightened global competition leading to customer mobility, and resource scarcity that raises the importance of innovation in…” Link Verified October 11, 2014

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Integrated Reporting and Investor Clientele

Integrated Reporting and Investor Clientele. George Serafeim, April 4, 2014, Paper. “In this paper, I examine the relation between Integrated Reporting (IR) and the composition of a firm’s investor base. I hypothesize and find that firms that practice IR have a more long-term oriented investor base with more dedicated and fewer transient investors. This result is more pronounced for firms with high growth opportunities, not controlled by a family, operating in “sin” industries, and exhibiting more stable IR practice over time…” Link Verified October 11, 2014

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The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Processes and Performance

The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Processes and Performance. George Serafeim, Robert Eccles, 2014, Paper. “We investigate the effect of corporate sustainability on organizational processes and performance. Using a matched sample of 180 U.S. companies, we find that corporations that voluntarily adopted sustainability policies by 1993—termed as High Sustainability companies—exhibit by 2009 distinct organizational processes compared to a matched sample of companies that adopted almost none of these policies…” Link Verified October 11, 2014

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