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Did Bank Distress Stifle Innovation During the Great Depression?

Did Bank Distress Stifle Innovation During the Great Depression? Ramana Nanda, Tom Nicholas, October 2013, Paper. “We find a negative relationship between bank distress and the level, quality, and trajectory of firm-level innovation during the Great Depression, particularly for R&D firms operating in capital intensive industries. However, we also show that because a sufficient number of R&D intensive firms were located in counties with lower levels of bank distress, or were operating in less capital intensive industries, the negative effects were mitigated in aggregate…” Link

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy. Ramana Nanda, October 2013, Book Chapter. “We document three facts related to innovation and entrepreneurship in renewable energy. Using data from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, we first show that patenting in renewable energy remains highly concentrated in a few large energy firms. In 2009, the top 20 firms accounted for over 40% of renewable energy patents in our data. Second, we compare patenting by venture-backed startups and incumbent firms. Using a variety of measures, we find that VC-backed startups are engaged in more novel and…” Link

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Financing Entrepreneurial Growth

Financing Entrepreneurial Growth. Ramana Nanda, Jeremy Lerner, February 5, 2013, Opinion. “Despite recent innovations in entrepreneurial finance, particularly at the early stage of business creation, many new and young companies continue to face hurdles to acquire capital. The Kauffman Foundation addressed current challenges and opportunities in financing entrepreneurial growth, a key driver of job creation and economic expansion, at its fourth annual State of Entrepreneurship Address on February 5, 2013. The event featured remarks from Small Business Administrator Karen Mills…” May require purchase or user account. Link

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Housing Collateral, Credit Constraints and Entrepreneurship – Evidence from a Mortgage Reform

Housing Collateral, Credit Constraints and Entrepreneurship – Evidence from a Mortgage Reform,  Ramana Nanda, September 2011, Paper, “We study how a mortgage reform that exogenously increased access to credit had an impact on entrepreneurship, using individual-level micro data from Denmark. The reform allows us to disentangle the role of credit access from wealth effects that typically confound analyses of the collateral channel. We find that a $30,000 increase in credit availability led to a 12 basis point increase in entrepreneurship, equivalent to a 4% increase in the number of entrepreneurs… Link

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