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Identity Politics and Trade Policy

Identity Politics and Trade Policy.Ā Elhanan Helpman, October 2, 2018, Paper, “We characterize trade policies that result from political competition when assessments of wellbeing include both material and psychosocial components. The material component reflects, as usual, satisfaction from consumption. Borrowing from social identity theory, we take the psychosocial component as combining the pride and self-esteem an individual draws from the status of groups with which she identities and a dissonance cost she bears from identifying with those that are different from herself.Link

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How To Avoid a Trade War

How To Avoid a Trade War. Dani Rodrik, July 10, 2018, Opinion, “Economists typically argue against focusing excessively on the losers from freer trade, and they decry the tendency to overlook the beneficiaries on the export side. They should not be prone to the same fallacy now, by ignoring that US protectionism surely will generate some beneficiaries as well in other countries.Link

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Trade deficits caused by foreign borrowings; Harvard economist at Sri Lanka forum

Trade deficits caused by foreign borrowings; Harvard economist at Sri Lanka forum. Robert Lawrence, February 9, 2018, Video, “Trade and current account deficits are a result of foreign borrowings, a US economist told a forum in Sri Lanka as US President Donald Trump mistakenly attacked trade deficit based on false Mercantilist doctrine. Exporting more will not reduce a trade deficit, Robert Lawrence, a professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Business told an economic forum organized by Advocata Institute, a Colombo-based think tank.Link

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