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Prices vs. Quantities Across Jurisdictions

Prices vs. Quantities Across Jurisdictions. Martin Weitzman, October 23, 2018, Paper, “We extend the standard ‘prices vs. quantities’ framework for pollution control to cover multiple heterogeneous jurisdictions interacting strategically with each other. When multi-jurisdictional externalities are present and the uncertainties among jurisdictions…Link

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Demand Response: Getting the Prices Right

Demand Response: Getting the Prices Right. William Hogan, March 2016, Paper. “The legal issue over the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) jurisdictional authority to set demand response prices is settled. In the so-called EPSA (Electric Power Supply Association) case, the Supreme Court found for FERC in support of its demand response Rule in Order 745. The second part of the decision addressed the compensation for demand response. Here the Supreme Court held that FERC had followed procedures to ensure that its demand response pricing mechanism is not arbitrary and capricious. The Order 745 demand response compensation mechanism calls for paying the Locational Marginal Price (LMP). The issue here is about the efficiency and incentives of this pricing rule. Link

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Lessons from Schumpeterian Growth Theory

Lessons from Schumpeterian Growth Theory. Philippe Aghion, May 2015, Paper. “By operationalizing the notion of creative destruction, Schumpeterian growth theory generates distinctive predictions on important microeconomic aspects of the growth process (competition, firm dynamics, firm size distribution, cross-firm and cross-sector reallocation) which can be confronted using rich micro data. In this process the theory helps reconcile growth with industrial organization and development economics.” Link

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