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Imagining a Future of Work That Fosters Mobility for All

Imagining a Future of Work That Fosters Mobility for All. Lawrence Katz, February 2018, Paper, “We live in a time of rising economic polarization. Low- and high-wage jobs are growing, while those in the middle are declining or “hollowing out,” not just in the United States, but across the globe.2 Employment used to be a reliable path to economic stability and mobility for a wide range of workers, but that is no longer the case. In 2015, almost a quarter of working Americans earned poverty-level wages,3 defined as equal to or less than the hourly wage that a full-time, year-round worker must earn to sustain a family of four with two children at the official poverty threshold. Workers are confronting rapid labor market changes that are eroding key features of work once largely taken for granted. Five trends are shaping economic opportunity..Link

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A Country Divided: The Growing Opportunity Gap in America

A Country Divided: The Growing Opportunity Gap in America. Robert Putnam, 2016, Paper, “Are the destinies of children from poor and wealthy families diverging? This paper explains why this is the question to ask if we wish to study equality of opportunity in America today. Drawing on the research behind Robert Putnam’s (2015) Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, we show that, since the 1970s, children in the top-third and the bottom-third of the socioeconomic hierarchy have sharply diverged on factors predicting life success. This gaping “opportunity gap” augurs a collapse of social mobility in the decades ahead. Given the causes of the opportunity gap, we explore promising policy options for restoring equality of opportunity in America.Link

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