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Analyzing Inter-State Negotiations in the Eurozone Crisis and Beyond

Analyzing Inter-State Negotiations in the Eurozone Crisis and Beyond. Jeffry Frieden, October 4, 2018, Paper, “The analysis of relations among the member states of the European Union requires a clear understanding of many aspects of these complex interactions. This conclusion to the special issue highlights the principal analytical issues raised by the study of the Eurozone crisis, in the light of existing theory and informed by the empirical analyses assembled by this project. Analysis starts with an estimate of the «national preferences» of the governments involved, based on their domestic socioeconomic and political conditions and institutions.Link

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Counting and Caring

Counting and Caring. Lawrence Summers, October 17, 2017, Paper, “The article presents the author’s views on economist Howard Raiffa who is known for his contributions to both decision sciences and negotiation analysis. Topics include the impact of Howard’s book “Decision Analysis” on the author in developing intellectual interests; and the role of his book in helping the author learn about Bayesian models and group decision making.Link

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Special Section: Gender in Negotiation Introduction

Special Section: Gender in Negotiation Introduction. Iris Bohnet, Hannah Riley Bowles, 2008, Book Chapter, “Gender has become one of the hottest areas of negotiation research and teaching in recent years. The topic has received increasing media attention, and negotiation students and executive education participants more frequently request that educators address the topic of gender dynamics at the bargaining table.Link

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