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America’s Economy and the Case for Free Markets

America’s Economy and the Case for Free Markets. N. Gregory Mankiw, April 9, 2017, Video, “The Harvard economics professor on the economy and our need for free markets. Click “Show more” to view chapters. For more conversations, visit htttp:// Chapter 1 (00:15 – 45:37): The State of the U.S. Economy Chapter 2 (45:37 – 1:06:03): The Case for Free Markets Greg Mankiw is a professor of economics at Harvard University and was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush (2003-2005). In this Conversation, Mankiw analyzes the American economy and shares his perspective on current public policy debates about trade, immigration, technological innovation, jobs, and economic growth. Reflecting on the economic challenges the U.S. faces today, Mankiw makes the case for a robust commitment to free markets—both for the sake of America and for the world.Link

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On Welfare Economics in the Principles Course

On Welfare Economics in the Principles Course. N. Gregory Mankiw, 2016, Paper, “I much enjoyed reading these articles by Steve Schmidt and Jonathan B. Wight on the normative underpinnings of how we teach introductory economics. I have long believed that teaching the fundamentals of economics to the next generation of voters is among the highest callings of our profession. It is therefore useful to regularly reflect on whether we are doing it well and how we might do it better.Link

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Why Taxing Fairly Means Not Taxing Inheritances

Why Taxing Fairly Means Not Taxing Inheritances. N. Gregory Mankiw, September 9, 2016, Opinion, “Does it make sense to tax inheritances and, if so, how much? The answer to this question is a perennial political football. President George W. Bush, to whom I was an adviser, pushed for the elimination of the estate tax. He succeeded, but only briefly. In 2001, he signed legislation that phased out the tax and eliminated it in 2010. But the tax was back in 2011.Link

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Why Voters Don’t Buy It When Economists Say Global Trade Is Good

Why Voters Don’t Buy It When Economists Say Global Trade Is Good. N. Gregory Mankiw, July 29, 2016, Opinion, “One defining characteristic of recent political debate — in the United States and abroad — is anxiety about foreigners. You see it in Donald Trump’s railing against immigrants and trade agreements. It may well be part of Hillary Clinton’s shift, under pressure from Bernie Sanders, against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she once embraced as “the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade.Link

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One Economic Sickness, Five Diagnoses

One Economic Sickness, Five Diagnoses. N. Gregory Mankiw, June 17, 2016, Opinion. “Economists, like physicians, sometimes confront a patient with an obvious problem but no obvious diagnosis. That is precisely the situation we face right now. Let’s start with the problem. There is no simple way to gauge an economy’s health. But if you had to choose just one statistic, it would be gross domestic product. Real G.D.P. measures the total income produced within an economy, adjusted for the overall level of prices.Link

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The Economy Is Rigged, and Other Campaign Myths

The Economy Is Rigged, and Other Campaign Myths. N. Gregory Mankiw, May 6, 2016, Opinion, “If you want to learn about the economy, there are good and bad places to go. Probably the worst source of reliable information is the current crop of presidential candidates. Dissembling and exaggeration are no strangers to politics, but this year’s campaigns have been particularly egregious.Link

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Uniting Behind the Divisive ‘Cadillac’ Tax on Health Plans

Uniting Behind the Divisive ‘Cadillac’ Tax on Health Plans. N. Gregory Mankiw, Lawrence Summers, October 24, 2015, Opinion. “One of us, a former member of the Obama administration, remains a fan of the president. The other, not so much. But we agree on one thing: The excise tax on high-cost health care plans, the so-called Cadillac tax, is good policy. Congress should side with President Obama and resist calls to scrap it. Let’s start with the basics. Health insurance should be an ingredient of every family’s financial plan. Medical expenses are necessary and unpredictable, and they can be large. When a family receives an adverse health surprise…Link

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The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon

The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon. N. Gregory Mankiw, September 4, 2015, Opinion, “This summer, a friend sent me a remarkable headline from The Seattle Times: ‘‘Green’ Alliance Opposes Petition to Tax carbon.’  My initial thought was that this doesn’t make sense. It is like reading ‘Democrats Rally to Cut the Minimum Wage’ or ‘Republicans Unite to Hike Income Taxes.’ But the political debate in Washington State is a case study about why smart environmental policy is so hard to enact…” Link

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