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Stock market could drop by a third

Stock market could drop by a third. Martin Feldstein, February 5, 2018, Video, “A prominent Harvard economist is warning that the U.S. stock market, which on Monday extended Friday’s big drop — is set for a drop of as much as a third of its current value, an outlook that would entail the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbling to approximately 16,000 from its current lofty level.Link

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The Heightened Risks of a US Downturn

The Heightened Risks of a US Downturn. Martin Feldstein, January 26, 2018, Opinion, “The US economy has experienced nine recessions during the last 50 years. What makes the current situation unusual and more worrying than in the past is the low level of short-term interest rates and the high (and rising) level of federal debt, which will limit policymakers’ ability to provide the stimulus needed to counter a recession.Link

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US economy is in great shape, but very fragile

US economy is in great shape, but very fragile. Martin Feldstein, January 19, 2018, Video, “In a sea of bulls, one bear has emerged: Harvard University professor Martin Feldstein said on Friday that rising interest rates could send stocks into a downward spiral.  In March, the Federal Reserve is expected to announce its policy rate hike outlook for 2018. In September, Fed officials predicted it would raise rates three times in 2018 and twice more in 2019.” Link


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America’s Policy Thinking in the Age of Trump

America’s Policy Thinking in the Age of Trump. Martin Feldstein, January 5, 2018, Paper, “What is striking in Trumpean economics – supply-side economics too – is the omission of economic growth. There is no awareness that nations at the frontier need indigenous innovation to have ample growth. The take-offs into sustained growth in 19th century Britain and America, later France and Germany, were fueled by dynamism from the grassroots up. Moreover, this stunted economics has no room for the rewards from participating in the economy besides the market wage – for the satisfaction of succeeding at what one is doing, the sense of flourishing as one’s career unfolds, and the thrill of venturing into the unknown.Link

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Surveillance: Feldstein Sees Capital Inflows if Tax Bill Passes

Surveillance: Feldstein Sees Capital Inflows if Tax Bill Passes. Martin Feldstein, December 6, 2017, Audio, “Martin Feldstein, Harvard University George F. Baker Professor of Economics, says now is the time for tax reform because the politics are right. Henry Olsen, EPPC Senior Fellow, says President Trump needs to recover his populist mojo. Matt Hornbach, Morgan Stanley Global Head of Interest Rates Strategy, says it’s time for the next bond market phase. Michael Chui, McKinsey & Co. Senior Fellow, says there is enough work for people to do, even with the increased use of robots.Link

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Cutting US Corporate Tax Is Worth the Cost

Cutting US Corporate Tax Is Worth the Cost. Martin Feldstein, November 27, 2017, Opinion, “One of the main criticisms leveled at congressional Republicans’ proposal to cut corporate taxes is that a higher budget deficit would amount to an undesirable fiscal stimulus. But with monetary policy turning contractionary, and most experts predicting a US recession in the next five years, stimulus should be welcomed.Link

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Europe’s Economic Dilemma

Europe’s Economic Dilemma. Martin Feldstein, October 30, 2017, Opinion, “The European Central Bank deserves credit for the economic improvements that have occurred in the past few years. But the ECB’s policies also mean that the eurozone has no ammunition left to fight the next recession, because interest rates cannot be reduced further and fiscal policy remains in the hands of national governments.” Link

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