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Fed Rate Hikes Will Kill Economic Growth, Market Rally

Fed Rate Hikes Will Kill Economic Growth, Market Rally. Martin Feldstein, , Video, “Harvard economist Martin Feldstein predicts that the Federal Reserve’s game plan to continue hiking interest rates will eventually choke economic growth and kill the seemingly endless bull market. “What worries me is not what’s happening now but what will happen as long-term interest rates rise,” he told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.Link


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The China Tariff Mess

The China Tariff Mess. Martin Feldstein, September 28, 2018, Opinion, “The cost to US consumers and firms imposed by tariffs on Chinese imports is not large relative to the gain that would be achieved if the US succeeds in persuading China to stop illegally taking US firms’ technology. But the Trump administration should state that this is the goal, and that the tariffs will be removed when it is met.Link

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Another Recession Is Looming

Another Recession Is Looming. Martin Feldstein, September 27, 2018, Opinion, “Ten years after the Great Recession’s onset, another long, deep downturn may soon roil the U.S. economy. The high level of asset prices today mirrors the earlier trend in house prices that preceded the 2008 crash; both mispricings reflect long periods of very low real interest rates caused by Federal Reserve policy. Now that interest rates are rising, equity prices will fall, dragging down household wealth, consumer spending and economic activity.Link

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What Next for the US Stock Market?

What Next for the US Stock Market? Martin Feldstein, August 28, 2018, Opinion, “August 22 marked the longest period of rising share prices in US history. But the stock market’s nine-year bull run won’t last much longer, as three factors drive up long-term interest rates, reducing the present value of future corporate profits and providing investors with an alternative to equities.Link

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‘Excessively High’ Equity Prices Are Biggest Risk

‘Excessively High’ Equity Prices Are Biggest Risk.  Martin Feldstein, August 24, 2018, Video, “Martin Feldstein, National Bureau of Economic Research chairman emeritus and a Harvard University economist, discusses the outlook for Federal Reserve monetary policy with Bloomberg’s Mike McKee at the Fed’s annual symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.Link

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Save Low Interest for a Rainy Day

Save Low Interest for a Rainy Day. Martin Feldstein, July 26, 2018, Opinion, “President Trump told a national television audience last week that he disapproves of the Federal Reserve’s decision to continue raising short-term interest rates. He later repeated his concern in a series of tweets. In complaining publicly about the Fed, Mr. Trump is breaking decades of presidential precedent, and he is wrong on the substance. The Fed actually is behind the curve in normalizing short-term interest rates, and it should now raise the federal-funds rate at least four times a year.Link

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How to Increase America’s Saving Rate

How to Increase America’s Saving Rate. Martin Feldstein, July 26, 2018, Opinion, “Once upon a time, US policymakers believed that more consumer spending was better than higher saving. But even though officials have come to realize that a high level of saving means more investment and faster growth, legislation to encourage more personal saving has failed to reverse a sharply downward trend.Link

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Economy is fragile, recession could occur, Harvard professor warns

Economy is fragile, recession could occur, Harvard professor warns. Martin Feldstein, July 18, 2018, Video, “Renowned Harvard professor and economist Martin Feldstein said the Federal Reserve would not be prepared if a recession were to occur soon. Feldstein told FOX Business Opens a New Window. ’ Maria Bartiromo during an interview on “Mornings with Maria Opens a New Window. ” on Wednesday that the economy is in good shape because of low unemployment Opens a New Window. and inflation, but despite that, it is still very fragile.Link

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The Use—and Abuse—of Tariffs

The Use—and Abuse—of Tariffs. Martin Feldstein, July 5, 2018, Opinion, “President Trump’s threatened barrage of tariffs on more than $400 billion of Chinese exports to the U.S. is set to begin Friday. While I am a strong advocate of free trade, the threat of tariffs can be useful in the right context. But the president has never specified his objective. What would the Chinese government have to do to stop Mr. Trump’s tariffs?Link

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