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Harvard’s Rogoff Says Next Global Crisis to Come From China

Harvard’s Rogoff Says Next Global Crisis to Come From China. Kenneth Rogoff, September 12, 2018, Video, “Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff discusses the risks posed by emerging markets and warns that the next global crisis may potentially come from China. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg).Link


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Crash Time

Crash Time. Kenneth Rogoff, September 7, 2018, Opinion, “A decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the start of the global financial crisis, it is clear that many lessons have been learned, while many economic misconceptions remain embedded in the public consciousness. If economic history teaches us anything, it is to be mindful of our own limitations in a world of infinite uncertainties.Link

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The Regional Costs of Venezuela’s Collapse

The Regional Costs of Venezuela’s Collapse. Kenneth Rogoff, September 5, 2018, Opinion, “The refugee crisis generated by the country’s economic implosion is comparable to that in Europe in 2015. In response, US President Donald Trump has floated the idea of military intervention, when what the US should be doing is increasing financial and logistical aid to Venezuela’s neighbors.Link

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Is America’s economy crushing it?

Is America’s economy crushing it? Kenneth Rogoff, August 29, 2018, Video, “As economists and Fed officials try to handicap whether the U.S. economy is “crushing it” as described by Trump’s chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow, it is fair to note there is a growing consensus that the recovery is not only sustainable but is also gaining momentum.Link


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Are Emerging Markets the Canary in the Financial Coal Mine?

Are Emerging Markets the Canary in the Financial Coal Mine? Kenneth Rogoff, June 6, 2018, Opinion, “Economists who assure us that advanced-economy debt is completely “safe” sound eerily like those who touted the “Great Moderation” – the supposedly permanent reduction in cyclical volatility – a generation ago. In many cases, they are the same people.Link

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Nobel Symposium “Money and Banking”

Nobel Symposium “Money and Banking”: This Time is Different: Debt and Financial Crises in Cross‐Country Historical Perspective. Kenneth Rogoff. May 26, 2018, Presentation, “Extensive earlier literature on the history of banking and external debt crises, but much of it largely narrative. (Previous analysis of domestic debt defaults virtually non‐existent).Friedman and Schwartz (1963) an important exception but devoted to one country, the United States.” Link

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