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Sovereign Difference and Sovereign Deference on the Internet

Sovereign Difference and Sovereign Deference on the Internet. Jack Goldsmith, March 18, 2019, Paper, “This Response to Andrew Woods makes two points. First, building on one of Woods’s claims, and drawing on the work of Milton Mueller, it shows why the “fragmentation” charge frequently levied against sovereignty-based approaches to internet governance is misplaced. Second, it raises questions about the efficacy of Woods’s normative theory of judicial comity.Link

Tags: , , , Growing a Filipino E-Commerce Company Growing a Filipino E-Commerce Company. William R. Kerr, June 2014, Case. “AVA is a three-year old e-commerce company in the Philippines. From its early start mimicking the Gilt Groupe concept of online flash sales, the company has grown into a broader e-commerce platform for local fashion commerce. Oliver Segovia needs to evaluate where AVA should go next and answer some complicated personal questions. The case considers issues related to e-commerce platforms, diaspora-based international exchanges, business location choice, and global entrepreneurship broadly…” May require purchase or user account. Link Verified October 11, 2014

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