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Analyzing Inter-State Negotiations in the Eurozone Crisis and Beyond

Analyzing Inter-State Negotiations in the Eurozone Crisis and Beyond. Jeffry Frieden, October 4, 2018, Paper, “The analysis of relations among the member states of the European Union requires a clear understanding of many aspects of these complex interactions. This conclusion to the special issue highlights the principal analytical issues raised by the study of the Eurozone crisis, in the light of existing theory and informed by the empirical analyses assembled by this project. Analysis starts with an estimate of the «national preferences» of the governments involved, based on their domestic socioeconomic and political conditions and institutions.Link

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Time WIll Tell

Time WIll Tell. Joseph Nye, July/August 2018, Opinion, “Kurt Campbell and Ely Ratner are right to raise questions about the assumptions that have guided U.S. China policy. Twenty-five years ago, the West bet that China would head toward democracy and a market economy. Such a bet was not simply the product of post-Cold War illusions. Social science theories of modernization suggested that as an economy approached the threshold of an annual income of $10,000 per capita, an expanding middle class would demand more liberties. This expectation was based not only on Western history but also on the recent experiences of Asian countries such as South Korea. Moreover, the development of the Internet meant that societies had access to vastly more information than ever before. U.S. President Bill Clinton said that trying to control the Internet would be like trying to “nail Jell-O to the wall.” As it turned out, the Chinese Communist Party proved quite adept at that seemingly impossible task.Link

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Europe, Russia, and the Age of Gas Revolution

Europe, Russia, and the Age of Gas Revolution, Rawi Abdelal, October 2014, Case. “The 2014 Ukraine crisis once again exposed the mutually limiting knot—a web of commercial relationships and oil and gas pipelines—that historically tied the European Union and Russia closely. In this crisis, a familiar conundrum preoccupied minds in the corridors of power in Western capitals: how to compel Russia to respect the Western geopolitical preferences without harming European allies? The answer, as in the past, pointed to the lack of viable short-term solutions and the longer term need for gaining energy independence without sacrificing energy security in the EU.”  Link

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Medium Term Business Cycles in Developing Countries

Medium Term Business Cycles in Developing Countries. Diego Comin, October 2013, Article. “Business cycle fluctuations in developed economies (N) tend to have large and persistent effects on developing countries (S). We study the transmission of business cycle fluctuations for developed to developing economies with a two-country asymmetric DSGE model with two features: (i) endogenous and slow diffusion of technologies from the developed to the developing country, and (ii) adjustment costs to investment flows. Consistent with the model we observe that the flow of technologies from N to S co-moves…” Link verified August 21, 2014

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In Search of Global Regulation

In Search of Global Regulation. Geoffery G. Jones, 2013, Case. “The history of the international regulation of global capitalism is surveyed, addressing the challenges facing firms confronting international, national, and regional regulation. Follows the history of global regulation after 1914, from the League of Nations’ Conference on the Codification of International Law to the establishment of the World Trade Organization. Tracks initiatives by the OECD and the United Nations to develop regulatory regimes for multinationals and explores why none of these initiatives resulted in mandatory regulations…” May require purchase or user account. Link Verified October 11, 2014

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