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New Directions in the Sociology of Development

New Directions in the Sociology of Development. Jocelyn Viterna, 2014, Paper. “At the close of World War II, “development” evolved along two distinct paths. On the first, scholars aimed to generate theoretical understandings of social change, especially at the national level (development studies). On the second, policy makers in governments and other development-focused organizations initiated actions to promote positive social change (development practice). In this article, we review the recent trajectory of development scholarship in sociology, paying close attention to the intersections between development studies and development practice.Link

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Family Ties

Family Ties. Alberto Alesina, March 2013, Article. “We study the role of the most primitive institution in society: the family. Its organization and relationship between generations shape values formation, economic outcomes and influences national institutions. We use the World Values Survey to measure the strength of family ties and economic attitudes, controlling for country fixed effects. We study several economic attitudes toward working women, the society, generalized morality and civic engagement. Individuals with strong family ties have more traditional beliefs about the role of women in society, are more reluctant to changes in society and innovation and show a lower level of trust…” Link verified April 4, 2014

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Law and the Economy of Early America: Markets, Institutions of Exchange, and Labor

Law and the Economy of Early America: Markets, Institutions of Exchange, and Labor. Christine A. Desan, 2013, Book Chapter. “This chapter contains sections titled: Progress Narratives and Their Radical Critique in Law, Consumption and Commodity Studies, Institutions of Exchange, The Ambiguous Place of Labor…” May require purchase or user account. Link Verified October 11, 2014

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