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A Preliminary Framework for Product Impact-Weighted Accounts

A Preliminary Framework for Product Impact-Weighted Accounts. George Serafeim, February 7, 2020, Paper, “While there has been significant progress in the measurement of an organization’s environmental and social performance, metrics to evaluate the impact of products once they come to market lag far behind. In this paper we provide a framework for systematic measurement of product impact in monetary terms and delve into the rationale for the framework’s seven elements. We then apply the whole framework to two competitor companies and elements of the framework across companies in different sectors of the economy to show the feasibility of measuring product impact and the actionability of the framework. Not only does this application demonstrate feasibility, it also indicates the value of impact-weighted financial statement analysis. We see our results as a first step, rather than a definitive answer, towards more systematic measurement of product impact in monetary terms that can then be reflected in financial statements with the purpose of creating impact-weighted financial accounts.Link

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Four Things No One Will Tell You About ESG Data

Four Things No One Will Tell You About ESG Data. George Serafeim, July 2, 2019, Paper, “As the ESG finance field and the use of ESG data in investment decision‐making continue to grow, the authors seek to shed light on several important aspects of ESG measurement and data. This article is intended to provide a useful guide for the rapidly rising number of people entering the field. The authors focus on the following…Link

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Shareholder Activism on Sustainability Issues

Shareholder Activism on Sustainability Issues. George Serafeim, July 25, 2016, Paper, “A growing number of investors are now engaging companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, in addition to traditional executive compensation, shareholder rights, and board of directors’ topics. In 2013, nearly 40 percent of all shareholder proposals submitted to Russell 3000 companies related to ESG issues, representing a 60 percent increase since 2003 (Proxy Voting Analytics, 2014). The topics of ESG proposals are diverse, ranging from disclosure of political contributions and compliance with human rights policies, to the adoption of a climate change policy. The purpose of this paper is to test the effect that ESG proposals have on firms’ subsequent ESG performance and market valuation.Link

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ESG for All? The Impact of ESG Screening on Return, Risk, and Diversification

ESG for All? The Impact of ESG Screening on Return, Risk, and Diversification. Robert Eccles, July 11, 2016, Paper. “A large body of research has documented a positive relationship between different measures of sustainability—such as indicators of employee satisfaction and effective corporate governance—and corporate financial performance. Nevertheless, many investors still struggle to quantify the value of ESG to investment performance.  To address this issue, the authors tested the effects of using different ESG filters on an investable universe that serves as the starting point for a fund manager. In this way, they attempted to determine the extent to which ESG data can add value to any investment approach, regardless of preferences towards sustainable investing.Link

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