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Inequality and Growth in the ‘Chinese Dream’

Inequality and Growth in the ‘Chinese Dream’. Rafael Di Tella, Meg Rithmire, March 2014, Case. “Xi Jinping assumed his position as head of China’s fifth generation of leaders in 2012. Xi was head of both the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party, which had ruled China since 1949. Xi inherited a country far more unequal than the one that Mao Zedong, Communist China’s first leader, had left behind in 1978. The growth of markets had made China much wealthier, but also generated many social problems, including inequality, corruption, and social protests. This case…” May require purchase or user account. Link verified August 21, 2014

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Income Inequality and Social Preferences for Redistribution and Compensation Differentials

Income Inequality and Social Preferences for Redistribution and Compensation Differentials. William R. Kerr, 2014, Paper. “In cross-sectional studies, countries with greater income inequality typically exhibit less support for government-led redistribution and greater acceptance of wage inequality (e.g., United States versus Western Europe). If individual nations evolve along this pattern, a vicious cycle could form with reduced social concern amplifying primal increases in inequality due to forces like skill-biased technical change. Exploring movements around these long-term levels, however, this study finds…” Link

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Caste and Entrepreneurship in India

Caste and Entrepreneurship in India. Lakshmi Iyer, Tarun Khanna, February 2013, Paper. “It is now widely accepted that the lower castes have risen in Indian politics. Has there been a corresponding change in the economy? Using comprehensive data on enterprise ownership from the Economic Censuses of 1990, 1998, and 2005, we document substantial caste differences in entrepreneurship across India. The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are significantly under-represented in the ownership of enterprises and the share of the workforce employed by them…” May require purchase or user account. Link

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