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Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition

Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition. Noah Feldman, May 18, 2018, Audio, “Bloomberg Opinion Weekend Edition hosted by June Grasso. Guests: Max Nisen, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “Look in the Mirror for a Reason Drug Prices Are High.” Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School professor and Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “Sports Betting Is a Victory for States’ Rights.” Liam Denning, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “California Puts Solar on the Roof and Up For Grabs.” Joe Nocera, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “How Tom Wolfe’s Perspective Changed Magazines.” Mary Duenwald, Bloomberg Opinion editor: “Tax Sugar-Sweetened Drinks to Help Fight Obesity.” Link

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Policy Strategies For Aligning Price And Value For Brand-Name Pharmaceuticals

Policy Strategies For Aligning Price And Value For Brand-Name Pharmaceuticals. Amitabh Chandra, February 16, 2018, Paper, “Systemic factors in the US health care system lead to greater pricing power for drug manufacturers than is the case in other countries. The result is higher prices that are often poorly aligned with the degree of added benefit for patients and the health system. To achieve the difficult balance between necessary incentives for innovation and affordability, many economists favor “value-based” pricing, in which the price for a new drug reflects an assessment of the comparative effectiveness of the drug compared to other available treatments. In this brief we explore the different varieties of value-based pricing, and we outline several measures through which drug competition may be increased, supported by regulatory steps and payment mechanisms to bring drug prices into greater alignment with their underlying clinical value.Link

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High-Priced Drugs in Medicare Part D: Diagnosis and Potential Prescription

High-Priced Drugs in Medicare Part D: Diagnosis and Potential Prescription. Richard Zeckhauser, January 2018, Paper, “Drug pricing in the U.S. is a persistently vexing policy problem. While there is agreement among many policy analysts that supra competitive prices are necessary to promote innovation; significant disagreements arise over how much pricing discretion prescription drug manufacturers should be permitted, and what portion of the sum of producer plus consumer surplus in the prescription drug market should be claimed by manufacturers relative to consumers and other payers. This paper focuses on an extremely costly component of the Medicare Part D program the region of coverage that kicks in once a consumer has spent $4,950 on drugs in a calendar year (roughly $8,100 in total drug spending).” Link

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