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Team Learning Capabilities: A Meso Model of Sustained Innovation and Superior Firm Performance

Team Learning Capabilities: A Meso Model of Sustained Innovation and Superior Firm Performance. Amy Edmondson, 2018, Paper, “This paper complements the manager-centered analysis of dynamic capabilities with a team-based approach focused on team learning. We argue that team learning capabilities intertwine with managerial cognitive capabilities to support the processes of sensing, seizing, and reconfiguring. We draw from the literature on team learning to develop four categories based on the orientation (exploration/exploitation) and locus (internal/external) of learning in teams: reflexive, experimental, contextual, and vicarious learning. We integrate these categories into the dynamic capabilities framework to show their particular relevance at different points along the sensing-seizing-reconfiguring pathway, and assess their potential impact on innovation and strategic change. The framework contributes by adding a meso lens to research on dynamic capabilities to help scholars better understand how learning that occurs in teams may support entrepreneurial managers in enacting their cognitive capabilities in service of sustained innovation and superior firm performance.Link

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Do Powerful Politicians Cause Corporate Downsizing

Do Powerful Politicians Cause Corporate Downsizing. Lauren Cohen, Joshua Coval, Christopher J. Malloy, October 7, 2011, Paper. “This paper employs a new empirical approach for identifying the impact of government spending on the private sector. Our key innovation is to use changes in congressional committee chairmanship as a source of exogenous variation in state-level federal expenditures. In doing so, we show that fiscal spending shocks appear to significantly dampen corporate sector investment and employment activity…” Link

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