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The knowhow path to Sri Lankan development

The knowhow path to Sri Lankan development. Ricardo Hausmann, September 6, 2018, Opinion, “Sri Lankans shouldn’t fear foreigners, says Ricardo Hausmann, a professor of economics at the Harvard Kennedy School. Foreigners, with their knowhow, can actually help transform the economy as other successful countries have done by integrating foreign migrants and their own diaspora into their societies, Hausman argues in this opinion piece the full text of which follows:…Link

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Yet another tale of two cities: Buenos Aires and Chicago

Yet another tale of two cities: Buenos Aires and Chicago. Filipe Campante, Edward Glaeser, February 3, 2018, Paper, “Buenos Aires and Chicago grew during the nineteenth century for remarkably similar reasons. Both cities were conduits for moving meat and grain from fertile hinterlands to eastern markets. However, despite their initial similarities, Chicago was vastly more prosperous for most of the twentieth century. Can the differences between the cities after 1930 be explained by differences in the cities before that date? We highlight four major differences between Buenos Aires and Chicago in 1914. Chicago was slightly richer, and significantly better educated.Link

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