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The Role of Gatekeepers in Capital Markets

The Role of Gatekeepers in Capital Markets. Suraj Srinivasan, May 2019, Paper, “Gatekeepers in financial markets have the power to provide the institutional stability, fortitude and direction necessary for the development and the smooth functioning of capital markets. At the same time, they are often motivated by their own private incentives. This, along with the trade-offs they face and the at-times unintended consequences of the regulations they propose and enforce, can undermine their effectiveness. A thorough understanding of gatekeepers and their roles can thus illuminate academics, the financial community and regulators on how such gatekeepers can be the most effective and generate the greatest benefits for capital markets. Since gatekeeping roles and the literature they have inspired encompass a wide array of institutions and agencies, our overview concentrates on those that the conference papers appearing in this volume focus on. We conclude that collectively, the papers contribute to significant progress, point out some crucial areas that call for further investigation, and offer opportunities for future research.Link

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High Wire Act: Credit Suisse and Contingent Capital

High Wire Act: Credit Suisse and Contingent Capital. Clayton Rose, May 2013, Case. “Late in 2010, Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan and his team considered whether or not to issue contingent capital, which Swiss regulators would require by 2019. They faced a number of substantial issues, including: Would contingent capital actually work as conceptualized and provide sufficient loss absorption when called upon? Would it be cost effective? Would there be sufficient demand for this new instrument? What were the risks to Credit Suisse’s reputation with clients and regulators if an issue did not go well? In addition, The Basel Committee, the body…” May require purchase or user account. Link verified March 28, 2014

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