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Why Is The Number Of Female CEOs Declining?

Why Is The Number Of Female CEOs Declining? Nancy Koehn, October 3, 2018, Audio, “Earlier this week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law making his state the first in the nation to require the boards of publicly traded companies to include women. The moves comes as, nationwide, the number of women in top corporate leadership positions is on the decline. The number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies declined by 25 percent this year.Link

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Baystate Business: Investing, Leadership, Lawsuits

Baystate Business: Investing, Leadership, Lawsuits. Gautam Mukunda, September 26, 2018, Audio, “On the Wednesday, September 19 edition of Bloomberg Baystate Business we spoke with Bloomberg News reporter Alan Levin about the aftermath of the Merrimack Valley gas explosions. Bloomberg News cross assets reporter Sarah Ponczek talked about the Bloomberg Future of Investing event held earlier in the day in Boston. Gautam Mukunda of Harvard Business School talked about his research on business leaders as political leaders. Boston Business Journal law and money reporter Greg Ryan told us about the lawsuit filed by the former owners of Suffolk Downs against the company that used to be known as Wynn Resorts, which is building a billion dollar casino in Everett…Link


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Largest Mass. Companies Are Mostly Silent On GOP Tax Plans

Largest Mass. Companies Are Mostly Silent On GOP Tax Plans. Mihir Desai, December 6, 2017, Audio, “Corporations are the cornerstone of both the House and Senate versions of the tax overhaul. Both bills propose deep cuts in the corporate tax rate — from 35 percent to 20 percent. The bills also call for a territorial tax system to replace the current worldwide tax system, in which multinational corporations with headquarters in the United States are required to pay the U.S. tax rate if they want to bring profits back into the country.Link

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Can Innovation Save Us From Ourselves?

Can Innovation Save Us From Ourselves? James Heskett, July 5, 2017, Opinion, “Every year about this time McKinsey Quarterly publishes a list of books being read by select CEOs. If a book comes up frequently on the list, it may serve as the subject of this column—last year, Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book The Seventh Sense was the centerpiece of the August column. While we can’t assume that CEOs endorse what they read, it’s nevertheless interesting to know what they are thinking about.Link

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