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Risk Neglect in Equity Markets

Risk Neglect in Equity Markets. Malcolm Baker, Spring 2016, Paper. “The link between measures of risk and return within the equity market has been very weak over the past 47 years: in the United States, returns on high-risk stocks have cumulatively fallen short of the returns on low-risk stocks, during a period when the equity market as a whole experienced high returns relative to Treasury bills. In the spirit of Fischer Black’s 1993 article “Beta and Return,” published in this journal, the author takes seriously the idea that this evidence reflects a risk anomaly—a mispricing of risk for behavioral and institutional reasons—and revisits the associated implications for investing and corporate finance, examining asset allocation, high leverage in financial firms, low leverage in industrial firms, private equity, venture capital, and bank capital regulation along the way. Many of these implications fit nicely with Black’s original conjectures, and the author highlights refinements and additions to the original list.Link

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Emerging Trends: Asset Pricing

Emerging Trends: Asset Pricing. John Y. Campbell, May 15, 2015, Paper. “The modern field of asset pricing is organized around the concept of the stochastic discount factor. This essay uses this framework to discuss the literature on predictability of asset returns in the short and long run, the influence of irrational investor expectations on asset prices, and the cross-section of stock returns. Future progress will require microeconomic data on investor actions and ideally survey evidence on their risk preferences and beliefs.” Link

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