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Diets and Health: How Food Decisions Are Shaped by Biology, Economics, Geography, and Social Interactions

Diets and Health: How Food Decisions Are Shaped by Biology, Economics, Geography, and Social Interactions. Ichiro Kawachi, September 16, 2015, Paper. “Health is shaped by both personal choices and features of the food environment. Food-choice decisions depend on complex interactions between biology and behavior, and are further modulated by the built environment and community structure. That lower-income families have lower-quality diets is well established. Yet, diet quality also varies across small geographic neighborhoods and can be influenced by transportation, retail, and ease of access to healthy…” Link

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Integrated Reporting and Investor Clientele

Integrated Reporting and Investor Clientele. George Serafeim, April 4, 2014, Paper. “In this paper, I examine the relation between Integrated Reporting (IR) and the composition of a firm’s investor base. I hypothesize and find that firms that practice IR have a more long-term oriented investor base with more dedicated and fewer transient investors. This result is more pronounced for firms with high growth opportunities, not controlled by a family, operating in “sin” industries, and exhibiting more stable IR practice over time…” Link Verified October 11, 2014

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Money Creation and the Shadow Banking System

Money Creation and the Shadow Banking System. Adi Sunderam, December 2013, Paper. “It is widely argued that shadow banking grew rapidly before the recent financial crisis because of rising demand for money-like claims. This paper assesses a key premise of this argument that investors actually treated short-term debt issued by shadow banks as a money-like claim. We present a model where demand for money-like claims is satisfied by deposits, Treasury bills, and shadow bank debt. The model provides predictions about the price quantity dynamics of these claims, as well as the behavior of monetary authority…” Link Verified October 12, 2014

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The Economics of Structured Finance

The Economics of Structured Finance. Joshua D. Coval, Erik Stafford, Winter 2009, Paper. “This paper investigates the spectacular rise and fall of structured finance. The essence of structured finance activities is the pooling of economic assets like loans, bonds, and mortgages, and the subsequent issuance of a prioritized capital structure of claims, known as tranches, against these collateral pools. As a result of the prioritization scheme used in structuring claims, many of the manufactured tranches are far safer than the average asset in the underlying pool…” May require purchase or user account. Link

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