Search Tips

  • The keyword search is not case-sensitive: China, CHINA and china all return the same results.
  •  Use quotations to search for a specific phrase. For example, “federal reserve” will find all posts in which those two words appear together. Without the quotation marks, you will find all posts with the word federal and also the word reserve regardless of whether they appear together.
  • The keyword search only searches the post – it does not search the linked document.
  • The search does not work with Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT.
  • Use both the search box and the drop-down list together to further refine your search. For example, select the ‘regulation’ category from the drop-down list and type the word ‘China’ into the search box to return only those articles that meet both criteria.
  • Known bug: If a keyword does not appear on the site, using it in combination with other keywords will return incorrect results. For example, the word camera returns zero results. However, the search camera finance regulation incorrectly returns multiple results. Test words individually if you suspect an incorrect result.