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The WTO has become dysfunctional

The WTO has become dysfunctional. Dani Rodrik, August 5, 2018, Opinion, “How will the world trade regime handle a large, increasingly powerful country such as China that apparently plays globalisation by different rules? This is the question that keeps US and European policymakers awake at night. The fever runs highest in the US, where the Trump administration has blamed China for engaging in economic aggression and has declared trade war in response. The US president’s methods may be frowned upon, but the view that omething has to be done about China’s trade and industrial practices is widespread among mainstream policy elites.Link

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Globalization and Inequality

Globalization and Inequality. Elhanan Helpman, 2018, Book, “Globalization is not the primary cause of rising inequality. This may come as a surprise. Inequality within nations has risen steadily in recent decades, at a time when countries around the world have eased restrictions on the movement of goods, capital, and labor. Many assume a causal relationship, which has motivated opposition to policies that promote freer trade. Elhanan Helpman shows, however, in this timely study that this assumption about the effects of globalization is more myth than fact.Link

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How To Avoid a Trade War

How To Avoid a Trade War. Dani Rodrik, July 10, 2018, Opinion, “Economists typically argue against focusing excessively on the losers from freer trade, and they decry the tendency to overlook the beneficiaries on the export side. They should not be prone to the same fallacy now, by ignoring that US protectionism surely will generate some beneficiaries as well in other countries.Link

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U.S. Should Use Allies, WTO, To Combat China On Trade

U.S. Should Use Allies, WTO, To Combat China On Trade. Robert Lawrence, July 9, 2018, Audio, “GUEST: Robert Lawrence, Professor of International Trade and Investment at Harvard Kennedy School and former economic advisor to President Bill Clinton, on the global supply chain and whether trade globalization can be undone at this point.Link


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Global Markets and Inequality in African Countries

Global Markets and Inequality in African Countries. Eric Maskin, 2018, Paper, “Globalization has had a big impact on many African countries in the last 20 years. It has provided a considerably expanded market for their exports; allowed them to specialize more in products for which they have a comparative advantage; and given their consumers access to an array of goods that they would not otherwise enjoy. In addition, it has led to impressive GDP growth in much of Africa, and has been an important force for improving average prosperity.Link

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The Use—and Abuse—of Tariffs

The Use—and Abuse—of Tariffs. Martin Feldstein, July 5, 2018, Opinion, “President Trump’s threatened barrage of tariffs on more than $400 billion of Chinese exports to the U.S. is set to begin Friday. While I am a strong advocate of free trade, the threat of tariffs can be useful in the right context. But the president has never specified his objective. What would the Chinese government have to do to stop Mr. Trump’s tariffs?Link

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Time WIll Tell

Time WIll Tell. Joseph Nye, July/August 2018, Opinion, “Kurt Campbell and Ely Ratner are right to raise questions about the assumptions that have guided U.S. China policy. Twenty-five years ago, the West bet that China would head toward democracy and a market economy. Such a bet was not simply the product of post-Cold War illusions. Social science theories of modernization suggested that as an economy approached the threshold of an annual income of $10,000 per capita, an expanding middle class would demand more liberties. This expectation was based not only on Western history but also on the recent experiences of Asian countries such as South Korea. Moreover, the development of the Internet meant that societies had access to vastly more information than ever before. U.S. President Bill Clinton said that trying to control the Internet would be like trying to “nail Jell-O to the wall.” As it turned out, the Chinese Communist Party proved quite adept at that seemingly impossible task.Link

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