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Venezuela Has a Refugee Crisis Of Syrian Magnitudes

Venezuela Has a Refugee Crisis Of Syrian Magnitudes. Ricardo Hausmann, May 21, 2018, Audio, “Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard economist and Former Minister of Planning for Venezuela, discusses Venezuela’s elections and economic outlook.Alan Bjerga, agriculture reporter for Bloomberg, on how the agriculture sector is hurting from GOP policies on trade, NAFTA, and the rejection of farm legislation in the House.Travis Briggs, CEO of ROBO Global, on investing in robotics, automation and AI. Brooke Sutherland, Industrials and Deals columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, on GE merging its century-old locomotive business with Wabtec Corp. in a deal valued at $11.1 billion.Link

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Don’t Get Distracted by the Trade Deficit With China

Don’t Get Distracted by the Trade Deficit With China. Jason Furman, May 20, 2018, Opinion, “Trade negotiations with China are grinding forward, but Beijing now appears to have rebuffed the Trump administration’s top demand. The White House has pushed the Chinese to reduce their bilateral trade surplus with the U.S. by $200 billion. Although they have made some vague commitments to increase American imports, it has become clear these …Link

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Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition

Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition. Noah Feldman, May 18, 2018, Audio, “Bloomberg Opinion Weekend Edition hosted by June Grasso. Guests: Max Nisen, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “Look in the Mirror for a Reason Drug Prices Are High.” Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School professor and Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “Sports Betting Is a Victory for States’ Rights.” Liam Denning, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “California Puts Solar on the Roof and Up For Grabs.” Joe Nocera, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: “How Tom Wolfe’s Perspective Changed Magazines.” Mary Duenwald, Bloomberg Opinion editor: “Tax Sugar-Sweetened Drinks to Help Fight Obesity.” Link

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The Double Standard of America’s China Trade Policy

The Double Standard of America’s China Trade Policy. Dani Rodrik, May 10, 2018, Opinion, “Many liberal commentators in the US think that Donald Trump is right to confront China over its trade tactics, and object only to his methods. Yet Trump’s trade agenda is driven by a narrow mercantilism that privileges the interests of US corporations above those of all other.Link

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The Next Step for Chinese Economic Policy

The Next Step for Chinese Economic Policy. Martin Feldstein, April 23, 2018, Opinion, “Now that it has risen to the top of the global economy, China must adopt the necessary reforms to become fully compliant with the international rules that it accepted upon joining the World Trade Organization in 2001. Its current policy will only lead to a serious trade conflict with the US.Link

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Firms and Global Value Chains: Identifying Firms’ Multidimensional Trade Preferences

Firms and Global Value Chains: Identifying Firms’ Multidimensional Trade Preferences. Dustin Tingley, April 16, 2018, “Trade policy has become increasingly multidimensional. Current trade agreements not only address market access but also encompass rules and provisions related to flexibility of commitment, investment protection, and dispute settlement mechanisms. Yet, rigorous evidence about how interest groups evaluate each policy measure in relation to others remains scarce. We develop a firm-level theoretical framework to explain how firms’ international operations affect their preferences on different trade policy measures. We experimentally evaluate preferences over multiple policy dimensions using a conjoint analysis on firms in Costa Rica.Link

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There’s ‘no fundamental problem’ with the US trade deficit

There’s ‘no fundamental problem’ with the US trade deficit. Ricardo Hausmann, April 6, 2018, Video, “The U.S. is wasting its time trying to fix a non-existent problem regarding its current account deficit, according to an economics professor at Harvard University. A number of U.S. policymakers have sought to justify stoking a trade war with China in recent weeks, saying it is “unfair” for the world’s biggest economy to have a current account deficit — which measures the flow of goods, services and investments into and out of the country — with Beijing.Link


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