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How To Avoid a Trade War

How To Avoid a Trade War. Dani Rodrik, July 10, 2018, Opinion, “Economists typically argue against focusing excessively on the losers from freer trade, and they decry the tendency to overlook the beneficiaries on the export side. They should not be prone to the same fallacy now, by ignoring that US protectionism surely will generate some beneficiaries as well in other countries.Link

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U.S. Should Use Allies, WTO, To Combat China On Trade

U.S. Should Use Allies, WTO, To Combat China On Trade. Robert Lawrence, July 9, 2018, Audio, “GUEST: Robert Lawrence, Professor of International Trade and Investment at Harvard Kennedy School and former economic advisor to President Bill Clinton, on the global supply chain and whether trade globalization can be undone at this point.Link


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Global Markets and Inequality in African Countries

Global Markets and Inequality in African Countries. Eric Maskin, 2018, Paper, “Globalization has had a big impact on many African countries in the last 20 years. It has provided a considerably expanded market for their exports; allowed them to specialize more in products for which they have a comparative advantage; and given their consumers access to an array of goods that they would not otherwise enjoy. In addition, it has led to impressive GDP growth in much of Africa, and has been an important force for improving average prosperity.Link

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US-China Trade Frictions and the Global Trading System

US-China Trade Frictions and the Global Trading System. Robert Lawrence, 2018, Book Chapter, “Recent trade frictions between the United States and China have violated several rules and practices of the rules-based multilateral trading system established under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its successor, the World Trade Organization (WTO). President Donald Trump’s preoccupation with trade balances in goods, both bilateral and total, has led to protectionist trade policies at home— primarily to minimize imports and offshoring by US firms—and aggressive demands for more market opening abroad. President Trump appears to view trade not as an activity from which all nations can gain but rather as a zero-sum game in which some win and some lose.Link

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U.S. tariffs boost trade tensions and protectionist theory

U.S. tariffs boost trade tensions and protectionist theory. Jeffry Frieden, June 14, 2018, Audio, “In the potential tariff war between China and the United States, each state is choosing to protect different sectors. Which is right? And is there a way for a country to engage in “good” protectionism for its own interests? First off, economists in general agree that tariffs should be avoided because they bring costly trade-offs. If a country taxes imported sneakers, for instance, it helps domestic shoemakers but deprives shoe buyers of the best, low-price kicks.Link


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The Republicans’ Protectionist Pedigree

The Republicans’ Protectionist Pedigree. Jeffrey Frankel, June 13, 2018, Opinion, “In recent decades, US Republicans have tended to embrace free trade more willingly than US Democrats. But, during most of its first century, the Republican Party was protectionist in both word and deed, and it has elected the four most aggressively protectionist presidents of the last 50 years.Link

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Larry Summers Discusses Areas of Growth and Concern for the U.S. Economy

Larry Summers Discusses Areas of Growth and Concern for the U.S. Economy. Lawrence Summers, June 5, 2018, Audio, [Episode 1] “In our inaugural episode, Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers tackles issues of sustainable growth, equality of opportunity, and why the story of China is more important than the Industrial Revolution.Link

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