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The Gift of Global Talent: How Migration Shapes Business, Economy & Society

The Gift of Global Talent: How Migration Shapes Business, Economy & Society. William Kerr, 2018, Book, “The global race for talent is on, with countries and businesses competing for the best and brightest. Talented individuals migrate much more frequently than the general population, and the United States has received exceptional inflows of human capital. This foreign talent has transformed U.S. science and engineering, reshaped the economy, and influenced society at large. But America is bogged down in thorny debates on immigration policy, and the world around the United States is rapidly catching up, especially China and India. The future is quite uncertain, and the global talent puzzle deserves close examination.Link

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Amazon Is Raising Its Minimum Wage. Here’s Why Some Employees Aren’t Cheering

Amazon Is Raising Its Minimum Wage. Here’s Why Some Employees Aren’t Cheering. Nancy Koehn, October 11, 2018, Audio, “Last week, Amazon announced that it would be raising the minimum wage for all its employees to $15 an hour. However, employees quickly learned that when Amazon giveth, Amazon taketh away — because, at the same time, the company said it would also be getting rid of monthly bonuses and some stock benefits. Amazon has since walked back the move, assuring employees in a letter addressed to Sen. Bernie Sanders that no employee would see their compensation go down as a result of the changes. But some are still skeptical. Nancy Koehn, historian at the Harvard Business School, says the move could demoralize the corporate giant’s workforce.Link

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How Amazon’s Higher Wages Could Increase Productivity

How Amazon’s Higher Wages Could Increase Productivity. Michael Luca, October 10, 2018, Paper, “Amazon recently made headlines by announcing that it would voluntarily increase its minimum hourly wage to $15. With a federal minimum wage of only $7.25, this pledge might seem like a curious decision — especially for a company as laser-focused on cost containment as Amazon. But thinking only about the costs involved in raising wages misses a key issue: pay hikes can also boost workplace productivity.Link

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The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods

The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods. Raj Chetty, 10/1/18, Audio, “Does the neighborhood you grow up in determine how far you move up the economic ladder? A new online data tool being made public Monday finds a strong correlation between where people are raised and their chances of achieving the American dream.Link

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Racialized Re-entry: Labor Market Inequality After Incarceration

Racialized Re-entry: Labor Market Inequality After Incarceration. Bruce Western, October 1, 2018, Paper, “Why do some people succeed in the labor market after incarceration but others do not? We study the transition from prison to work with data on monthly employment and earnings for a sample of men and women observed for a year after incarceration. More than in earlier research, the data provide detailed measurement of temporary and informal employment and richly describe the labor market disadvantages of formerly incarcerated men and women. We find that half the sample is jobless in any given month and average earnings are well below the poverty level.Link

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The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth

The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth. Amy Edmondson, 2018, Book, “Conquer the most essential adaptation to the knowledge economy Psychological Safety at Work: How to Ensure Learning and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy offers practical guidance for teams and organizations who are serious about success in the modern economy. With so much riding on innovation, creativity, and spark, it is essential to attract and retain quality talent–but what good does this talent do if no one is able to speak their mind? The traditional culture of “fitting in” and “going along” spells doom in the knowledge economy. Success requires a continuous influx of new ideas, new challenges, and critical thought, and the interpersonal climate must not suppress, silence, ridicule or intimidate.Link

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The Slavery Incentive

The Slavery Incentive. Ricardo Hausmann, August 31, 2018, Opinion, “By restricting the workers’ outside options, employers may get them to accept terms that freer individuals would reject. That may be a reason why there is so little urgency in solving the problem of undocumented immigrants in the US, and why many countries protect citizens differently than foreigners.Link

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