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The Growth of the World Economy

The Growth of the World Economy. Dale Jorgenson, 2018, Book Chapter, “The World KLEMS Initiative was established at the First World KLEMS Conference, held at Harvard University in August 2010. The purpose of the initiative is to generate industry-level datasets, consisting of outputs and inputs of capital (K) and labor (L), together with inputs of energy (E), materials (M), and services (S). Productivity for each industry is defined as output per unit of all inputs. These datasets provide a new framework for analyzing the sources of economic growth at the industry and aggregate levels for countries around the world. This framework has closed a critical gap in systems of national accounts.Link

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What happens when investments targeting women’s microbusinesses go to men?

What happens when investments targeting women’s microbusinesses go to men? Rohini Pande, May 2, 2018, Paper, “Several studies find that male-operated – but not female-operated – microenterprises benefit from access to grants or loans. But these analyses overlook that female entrepreneurs often reside with a male business owner. Using data from randomized trials in India, Sri Lanka and Ghana, this paper finds that household-level income gains are equivalent regardless of the grant or loan recipient’s gender. Low average returns of female-run enterprises reflects the fact that women’s capital is typically invested into their husband’s enterprise.Link

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Tax Reform, Round One

Tax Reform, Round One. Mihir Desai, May-June 2018, Opinion, “The Trump Administration’s successful efforts at tax legislation stand out as the primary achievement of its first year. But the hurried, largely furtive drafting, and rush to passage at the end of 2017, have helped obscure the new tax regime’s real impact. Much of the reporting and debate has focused on the politicking that went into passing the bill, and the purported effect on the federal budget deficit.Link

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Space, the Final Economic Frontier

Space, the Final Economic Frontier. Matthew Weinzierl, Spring 2018, Paper, “The Soviet Union launched its Sputnik satellite in 1957. A year later, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, a little-known agency that had played a limited role in pursuing basic research in aeronautics since 1915, was transformed into the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The surge of US government spending on human spaceflight through the Apollo program in the 1960s cemented a public-sector centralized model of the US space sector, putting NASA at its hub for the next 50 years.Link

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Immigrant Entrepreneurship in America: Evidence from the Survey of Business Owners 2007 & 2012

Immigrant Entrepreneurship in America: Evidence from the Survey of Business Owners 2007 & 2012. William Kerr, April 2018, Paper, “We study immigrant entrepreneurship and firm ownership in 2007 and 2012 using the Survey of Business Owners (SBO). The survival and growth of immigrant-owned businesses over time relative to native-founded companies is evaluated by linking the 2007 SBO to the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD). We quantify the dependency of the United States as a whole, as well as individual states, on the contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs in terms of firm formation and job creation. We describe differences in the types of businesses started by immigrants and the quality of jobs created by their firms.Link

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