Where will the jobs of the future come from?  What should be done about growing inequality?  How do we prevent the next financial crisis?  These questions are of importance to people everywhere. At GrowthPolicy.org, we believe that one good place to look for answers is the work of the faculty at Harvard University.

Harvard faculty are studying the underlying causes of unemployment, inequality, and financial instability.  They are developing recommendations and testing the most promising policy solutions.  Growthpolicy.org pulls together the work of economists, lawyers, political scientists, historians, sociologists, and educators, from across Harvard’s undergraduate and graduate schools.  It captures rigorous research as well as the key takeaways from that research.  More than half of the entries are blog posts, opinion pieces, interviews, cases, and conference presentations.

Our goal in bringing this research together is to make it available to those outside the university in positions to use it.

Growthpolicy.org is a work in progress.  We welcome your suggestions for content you would like us to add as well as suggestions for making the site more useful. Click here to send us your ideas.

We hope you enjoy the site!

The GrowthPolicy Project Team: Matt MurrayDevjani RoyScott LelandVictoria Groves

Past team members: Shreya Agarwal, Michael Alter, Gabrielle Blackman, Caroline GimmillaroCarolina Lembo,  Jennifer Nash, Juan Tellez Sandoval, Shashank ShuklaDonna Tremonte