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What I do support in a new tax plan

What I do support in a new tax plan. Lawrence Summers, October 25, 2017, Opinion, “I have been very sharply critical of what I regard as unprofessional exaggeration by advocates of the Trump tax proposal. Reasonably enough, people have asked what I am for. I strongly support tax reform in general and especially corporate tax reform on the model of the highly successful bipartisan 1986 tax reform, which achieved very large rate reductions, spurred economic growth and improved the efficiency of the economy while being revenue- and distribution-neutral.Link

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The Trump Administration’s Tax Plan is an Atrocity

The Trump Administration’s Tax Plan is an Atrocity. Lawrence Summers, October 9, 2017, Opinion, “The Trump administration’s tax plan is not a plan. It is a melange of ideas put forth without precision or arithmetic. It is not clear enough to permit the kind of careful quantitative analysis of its expected budget costs, economic effects and distributional implications that precedes such legislation in a serious country.Link

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