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Lessons Learned from Cap-and-Trade Experience

Lessons Learned from Cap-and-Trade Experience. Robert Stavins, 2017, Paper, “Article 6 of the Paris Agreement provides for cooperation among Parties to meet their collective GHG emissions-reduction targets, including through linkage. The simplest way for this to occur is by linking cap-and-trade systems, although linkage of heterogeneous policies, including carbon taxes and performance standards, is also possible in principle.1 Linkages between well-designed national (or subnational) cap-and-trade systems can lower global mitigation costs and improve the functioning of national markets.Link

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The Economics (and Politics) of Trump’s Paris Withdrawal

The Economics (and Politics) of Trump’s Paris Withdrawal. Robert Stavins, June 6, 2017, Opinion, “The announcement on June 1 by President Donald Trump that he will withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement was misguided, and the justifications Trump provided were — at best — misleading and, to some degree, simply untruthful. Withdrawing from the Paris agreement will be damaging both to the United States and the world. Sadly, Trump’s withdrawal announcement makes clear that the president has little understanding of the nature of the agreement, the process for withdrawal, or the implications of withdrawal for the United States, let alone for the world.Link

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The Evolution of Environmental Economics: A View from the Inside

The Evolution of Environmental Economics: A View from the Inside. Robert Stavins, 2017, Paper, “This essay provides one economist’s perspective on the two-decade evolution of the field of environmental economics, by tracing it through personal reflections on the professional path that has led to my research and writing. Also, the article summarizes the highlights of some of my research and writing during this period.Link

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Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap and Trade

Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap and Trade. Robert Stavins, November 2015 Paper, “The article discusses the important insights on the design and performance of emissions trading schemes that implemented over the past 30 years which provides lessons for future applications of environmental policy instrument. Topics discussed include emission reduction credit systems used in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) which is part of Kyoto Protocol, the Regional Clean Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM) in southern California, and the trading of nitrogen oxides in the U.S.Link

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Pitching Divestment as a “Moral” Crusade is Misguided

Pitching Divestment as a “Moral” Crusade is Misguided. Robert Stavins, August 10, 2015, Opinion, “Students are right to be concerned about climate change, but the focus of the divestment movement is fundamentally misguided. Students, faculty and staff can be effective by acting in ways that will make a real difference, but the symbolic action of divestment — and the fight to convince universities to do so — has opportunity costs: It diverts us from focusing on what really matters.Link

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Clean Water Act Brief

Clean Water Act Brief. Robert Stavins, Richard Zeckhauser, July 21, 2008, Brief. “As economists, we believe that the Second Circuit’s ruling, by not allowing the consideration of important information about the relationships between the benefits and costs of alternatives, is economically unsound. In particular, we believe that, as a general principle, regulators cannot make rational decisions unless they are allowed to compare costs and benefits and to use the results, along with other factors as appropriate, to choose among alternatives. To the extent permissible under the statute and case law, EPA should be allowed to consider benefits…” Link

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