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Demand Side Secular Stagnation

Demand Side Secular Stagnation. Lawrence Summers, May 2015, Paper. “The experience of first Japan and now Europe and the USA suggests that Hansen’s concept of secular stagnation is highly relevant. Recovery has been anemic and follows a generation of financially unsustainable and often lackluster growth. Investment demand has declined while the supply of saving has increased, leaving the economy vulnerable to liquidity traps. Although some US indicators have improved, forward real rates have declined sharply, European prospects remain muddled, and the zero-bound will likely constrain again during the next recession...” Link

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How Does Risk Management Influence Production Decisions? Evidence from a Field Experiment

How Does Risk Management Influence Production Decisions? Evidence from a Field Experiment. Shawn Cole, September 9, 2014, Paper. “Weather is a key source of income risk for many firms and households, particularly in emerging market economies. This paper studies how an innovative risk management instrument for hedging rainfall risk affects production decisions among a sample of Indian agricultural firms, using a randomized controlled trial approach. We find that the provision of insurance induces farmers to shift production towards higher-return but higher-risk cash crops…” Link verified August 21, 2014

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Selection and Market Reallocation: Productivity Gains from Multinational Production

Selection and Market Reallocation: Productivity Gains from Multinational Production, Laura Alfaro, September 2014 , Paper, “Quantifying the productivity gains from multinational production has been a vital topic of economic research. Positive productivity gains are often attributed to within-firm productivity improvements due to positive spillovers from multinational to domestic firms. An alternative, less emphasized explanation is between-firm selection and market reallocation, whereby competition from multinationals leads to factor reallocation andthe survival of only the most productive domestic firms…” Link

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