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Imperfect Information and Aggregate Supply

Imperfect Information and Aggregate Supply. N. Gregory Mankiw, February 2010, Paper. “This paper surveys the research in the past decade on imperfect information models of aggregate supply and the Phillips curve. This new work has emphasized that information is dispersed and disseminates slowly across a population of agents who strategically interact in their use of information. We discuss the foundations on which models of aggregate supply rest, as well as the micro-foundations for two classes of imperfect information models: models with partial information, where agents observe economic conditions…Link

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Optimal Taxation in Theory and Practice

Optimal Taxation in Theory and Practice. N. Gregory Mankiw, Matthew Weinzierl, Danny Yagan, June 2009, Paper. “We highlight and explain eight lessons from optimal tax theory and compare them to the last few decades of OECD tax policy. As recommended by theory, top marginal income tax rates have declined, marginal income tax schedules have flattened, redistribution has risen with income inequality, and commodity taxes are more uniform and are typically assessed on final goods. However, trends in capital taxation are mixed, and capital income tax rates remain well above the zero level recommended by theory…” Link 

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Smart Taxes: An Open Invitation to Join the Pigou Club

Smart Taxes: An Open Invitation to Join the Pigou Club. N. Gregory Mankiw, March 8, 2008, Paper. “Many economists favor higher taxes on energy-related products such as gasoline, while the general public is more skeptical. This essay discusses various aspects of this policy debate. It focuses, in particular, on the use of these taxes to correct for various externalities—an idea advocated long ago by British economist Arthur Pigou.” Link

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The Optimal Taxation of Height: A Case Study of Utilitarian Income Redistribution

The Optimal Taxation of Height: A Case Study of Utilitarian Income Redistribution. N. Gregory Mankiw, Matthew Weinzierl, December 2007, Paper. “Should the income tax system include a tax credit for short taxpayers and a tax surcharge for tall ones? This paper shows that the standard Utilitarian framework for tax policy analysis answers this question in the affirmative. Moreover, based on the empirical distribution of height and wages, the optimal height tax is substantial: a tall person earning $50,000 should pay about $4,500 more in taxes than a short person earning the same income. This result has…” Link

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