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The Fortune interview: Larry Summers

The Fortune interview: Larry Summers. Lawrence Summers, November 18, 2013, Opinion. “Combining time in the academy and in government for the past 30 years, economist Lawrence Summers has a résumé with extraordinary range. His estimable intellectual gifts, particularly the ability to explain the arcana of public policy, have been matched only by his gift for ruffling feathers. The talents are probably related…” May require purchase or user account. Link verified August 21, 2014

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Larry Summers on His Decision-Making Process for the Auto Bailout

Larry Summers on His Decision-Making Process for the Auto Bailout. Lawrence Summers, November 15, 2013, Opinion. “In 1968, Harvard Business School professor Howard Raiffa published a book called Decision Analysis: Introductory Lectures on Choices Under Uncertainty. It was an attempt to translate Bayesian statistical thinking into terms understandable to laypeople, and it introduced the use of decision trees and numerical probability assessments to business and government decision-making. One of the book’s early readers was a precocious high school student named Larry Summers, who was so taken with Raiffa’s probabilistic reasoning that he’s been using it ever since…” Link verified March 28, 2014

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IMF Fourteenth Annual Research Conference in Honor of Stanley Fischer

IMF Fourteenth Annual Research Conference in Honor of Stanley Fischer. Lawrence Summers, November 8, 2013, Opinion. “I am very glad for the opportunity to be here. I had an occasion to speak some years ago about Stan’s remarkable accomplishments at the IMF when he left the IMF, and I had an occasion some months ago to speak about his remarkable accomplishments at the Israeli Central Bank when he left the Israeli Central Bank. So, I will not speak about either of those accomplishments this afternoon. Instead, the number that is on my mind is a number that I would guess is entirely unfamiliar…” Link

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In shutdown debate, focus should be on growth instead of deficit

In shutdown debate, focus should be on growth instead of deficit. Lawrence Summers, October 13, 2013, Opinion. “Washington is consumed by the impasse over reopening the government and raising the debt limit. It seems likely that this episode, like the 1995-96 government shutdowns and the 2011 debt-limit scare, will be remembered mainly by the people directly involved. But future historians may well see today’s crisis as the turning point at which American democracy was shown to be dysfunctional — an example to be avoided rather than emulated. This tragedy is compounded by the fact that most of the substance being debated…” Link verified March 28, 2014

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The 2013 Martin Feldstein Lecture: Economic Possibilities for Our Children

The 2013 Martin Feldstein Lecture: Economic Possibilities for Our Children. Lawrence Summers, July 24, 2013. This is the 40th anniversary of the summer whcn I first met Marty Fddstcin and went to work for him. I learned from working under Marty’s auspices that empirical economics was a profoundly important thing. that it had the opportunity to illuminate the world in important ways. that it had the opportunity to changc peopic’s perspectives as they thought about economic problems. and that the successful solution or resolution of economic problems didn’t happen with the immediacy with which a doctor treated a patient…” Link

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Corporate tax reform needs resolution

Corporate tax reform needs resolution. Lawrence Summers, July 10, 2013, Opinion. “No one is satisfied with the U.S. corporate tax system. From one perspective the main problem is that at a time when corporate profits are extraordinarily high relative to GDP, tax collections are very low relative to GDP. And many very successful companies pay little or nothing in taxes at a time when the budget deficit is a major concern and when hundreds of thousands of defense workers are being furloughed and lotteries are being held to determine which children the “Head Start” program can no longer afford to help. From another perspective, the main problem is that the United States …” Link

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The Fiscal and Economic Effects of Austerity

The Fiscal and Economic Effects of Austerity. Lawrence Summers, June 4, 2013, Paper. “In Professor Summers’ testimony before the Senate, he sets out to do three things: First, he characterizes the economic and fiscal outlook. Second, he reflects on the economics of austerity, arguing that too little of the policy debate in recent years has focused on the imperative of increasing economic growth which, in the short and medium term, goes back to issues relating to demand. Third, he comments on some of what he sees as policy priorities for the years ahead…” Link

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