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World’s Economic Slowdown is a Hangover not a Coma

World’s Economic Slowdown is a Hangover not a Coma. Kenneth Rogoff, October 9, 2015, Opinion. “What is the right diagnosis of the ailing global economy? Seven years into the global financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund is still marking down its global growth forecasts, now to the lowest level since 2009.  Some argue that we are living in a world of deficient demand, doomed to decades of secular stagnation. Maybe. But another possibility is that the global economy is in the later stages of a debt “super cycle”, crushed under a burden accumulated over years of lax regulation and financial excess.Link

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Sovereign Debt and Financial Crisis: Theory and Historical Evidence

Sovereign Debt and Financial Crisis: Theory and Historical Evidence. Carment Reinhart, Kenneth Rogoff, October 2015, Paper. “This issue of the Journal of the European Economic Association presents papers from the October 2014 conference on Sovereign Debt Crises organized by Ṣebnem Kalemli‐Özcan, Carmen Reinhart, and Ken Rogoff. This project arose from the need to provide rigorous research on the topic. The so‐called ‘Great Contraction’ in the world’s advanced economies is the most severe and synchronized global financial crisis since the Great Depression. It has forced all concerned parties to reassess the roles played by public...Link

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