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Don’t Roll Back the Vehicle Fuel Standards

Don’t Roll Back the Vehicle Fuel Standards. Jody Freeman, March 8, 2017, Opinion, “One of the signal achievements of the Obama administration was reaching an agreement with the auto industry to dramatically increase fuel efficiency standards for vehicles, doubling them to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The industry now wants to renege. At its behest, the Trump administration is expected to initiate a rollback.Link

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A Climate Plan Businesses Can Like

A Climate Plan Businesses Can Like. Jody Freeman, Kate Konschnik, August 3, 2015, Opinion. “With the release of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a flood of legal challenges will begin. Already, opponents have denounced the new rule limiting carbon pollution as unconstitutional. Behind the rattling sabers, however, there’s a quieter story worth noticing. Many big players in the electric power industry will gain more with the rule in place than if the courts strike it down.  The plan sends a clear market signal that low-carbon energy will be profitable. Many of America’s most powerful investor-owned utilities, including MidAmerican…Link

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