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Why is Chiapas Poor?

Why is Chiapas Poor? Ricardo Hausmann, March 2016, Paper, “No matter which way you look at it, Chiapas is the most backward of any state in Mexico. Its per capita income is the lowest of the 32 federal entities, at barely 40% of the national median (Figure 1). Its growth rate for the decade 2003-2013 was also the lowest (0.2%), causing the income gap separating Chiapas from the national average to increase from 53% to 60%. That is to say that today the average income for a worker in Mexico is two and a half times greater than the average in Chiapas.Link

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Applications and Cases in International Development

Applications and Cases in International Development. Lant Pritchett, Michael Walton, Course Year 2014-2015, Syllabus. “The course has two objectives. First, to build an understanding of the nature and drivers of change in real development settings. Second, to illustrate the use of the range of concepts and techniques from other MPA/ID courses in the diagnosis of development change. The overall philosophy of the course is that practitioners need both strong analytical and empirical techniques and a capacity to interpret the political and institutional context...” Link

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