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On the Measurement of Upstreamness and Downstreamness in Global Value Chains

On the Measurement of Upstreamness and Downstreamness in Global Value Chains. Pol Antras, October 30, 2017, Paper, “This paper offers four contributions to the empirical literature on global value chains (GVCs). First, we provide a succinct overview of several measures developed to capture the upstreamness or downstreamness of industries and countries in GVCs. Second, we employ data from the World Input-Output Database (WIOD) to document the empirical evolution of these measures over the period 1995-2011; in doing so, we highlight salient patterns related to countries’ GVC positioning – as well as some puzzling correlations – that emerge from the data. Third, we develop a theoretical framework – which builds on Caliendo and Parro’s (2015) variant of the Eaton and Kortum (2002) model – that provides a structural interpretation of all the entries of the WIOD in a given year.Link

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Internalizing Global Value Chains: A Firm-Level Analysis

Internalizing Global Value Chains: A Firm-Level Analysis. Laura Alfaro, Pol Antras, April 2015, Paper. “In recent decades, technological progress and falling trade barriers have allowed firms to slice up their value chains, retaining within their boundaries and in their domestic economies only a subset of their production stages. A key question facing firms worldwide is figuring out which segments of the value chain are more profitably o§shored, outsourced, or both. Building on Antras and Chor (2013), we describe a property-rights model in which the organization of a firm’s manufacturing process is shaped by characteristics of the different stages of production and their position in the value chain…” Link

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