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Corporate Social Responsibility and the Global Compact

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Global Compact. John Ruggie, 2017, Book Chapter, “Under the leadership of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the United Nations has played an active role in promoting corporate social responsibility as one means to respond to the challenges of globalisation.’You do not need to wait for governments to pass…Link

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Investors as Stewards of the Commons?

Investors as Stewards of the Commons?¬†George Serafeim, August 8, 2017, Paper, “Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of initiatives seeking to mobilize investor voice towards positive social impact. In this paper, I provide a framework outlining the role of investors as stewards of the commons. While companies are increasingly addressing environmental and social issues that also improve their economic value, for some of these issues individual company action is costly. At the same time, for a further subset of those issues, company action coupled with collaboration between companies is value enhancing. However, collaboration between companies is notoriously difficult and fragile requiring commitment mechanisms.Link

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Multinationals as Global Institution: Power, Authority and Relative Autonomy

Multinationals as Global Institution: Power, Authority and Relative Autonomy.¬†John Gerard Ruggie, June 8, 2017, Paper, “This article aims to inform the long-standing and unresolved debate between voluntary corporate social responsibility and initiatives to impose binding legal obligations on multinational enterprises. The two approaches share a common feature: neither can fully specify its own scope conditions, that is, how much of the people and planet agenda either can expect to deliver. The reason they share this feature is also the same: neither is based on a foundational political analysis of the multinational enterprise in the context of global governance.Link

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