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It’s Time to Balance the Power between Workers and Employers

It’s Time to Balance the Power between Workers and Employers. Lawrence Summers, September 3, 2017, Opinion, “The central issue in American politics is the economic security of the middle class and their sense of opportunity for their children. As long as a substantial majority of American adults believe that their children will not live as well as they did, our politics will remain bitter and divisive.Link

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Swinging between Moral and Market Imperatives

Swinging between Moral and Market Imperatives. Julie Battilana, 2017, Paper, “Financial institutions with religious affiliations are active participants in the financial market, engaging in various risky financial behaviors, yet existing studies of religion and risk preferences yield inconsistent findings. Informed by institutional theory, we argue that moral imperatives are foundational for religious organizations’ identity; as such, the nature of the risky financial behaviors in which religious financial institutions engage matters. By examining religious credit unions’ engagement in the risky financial product- private- label mortgage-backed security (PMBS), we argue that religious credit unions shun financial products associated with deception, greed, and excessive value extractions that clash with the core moral principles of probity, justice, and trust that are fundamental to religious identity.Link

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