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The Board’s New Innovation Imperative

The Board’s New Innovation Imperative. Linda A. Hill, October/November 2017, Opinion, “As firms scramble for competitive advantage, boards—once the cautious voices urging management to mitigate risk—are now calling for breakthrough innovation. Indeed, avoiding risk is now seen as the riskiest proposition of all. In speaking with CEOs and board members from a range of industries, the authors identified four common obstacles most boards face in governing innovation: an outdated risk agenda, insufficient time, lack of expertise, and a relationship with management that needs retuning. Embracing innovation and its inherent risks requires that boards and senior management develop new ways of working together. To bolster out-of-the-box thinking at their companies, boards should promote diversity among members. They should foster “creative abrasion” to keep ideas flowing and rethink traditional methods of governing. And they must learn to embrace and encourage risk.Link

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The Untenable Case for Perpetual Dual-Class Stock

The Untenable Case for Perpetual Dual-Class Stock. Kobi Kastiel, Lucian Bebchuk, April 24, 2017, Paper, “We recently placed on SSRN our study, The Untenable Case for Perpetual Dual-Class Stock. The study, which will be published by the Virginia Law Review in June 2017, analyzes the substantial costs and governance risks posed by companies that go public with a long-term dual-class structure.  The long-standing debate on dual-class structure has focused on whether dual-class stock is an efficient capital structure that should be permitted at the time of initial public offering (“IPO”). By contrast, we focus on how the passage of time since the IPO can be expected to affect the efficiency of such a structure.Link

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