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Why our stereotypes of African agriculture are all wrong

Why our stereotypes of African agriculture are all wrong. Calestous Juma, June 1, 2016, Opinion, “From newspaper editors to TV anchors to bloggers, the default symbol of African agriculture is an African woman holding a hand hoe. This imagery highlights the drudgery African women face in farming. But it also conflates family farming with the broader agricultural enterprise.Link

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Tackling Global Challenges: Lessons in System Leadership from the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture Initiative

Tackling Global Challenges: Lessons in System Leadership from the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture Initiative.  Jane Nelson, 2016, Book. “These challenges are complex and systemic, rooted in the actions and interactions of diverse yet interconnected, interdependent stakeholders. Leaders in business, government, and civil society increasingly recognize thatthey cannot be addressed in a top-down, pre-planned, linear fashion and that point solutions don’t work. Instead, the solutions require stakeholders to change the way they operate at the global, national, and local levels. Over time, they must develop new technologies, products, services, business models, public service delivery models, policy and regulatory innovations, voluntary standards, and cultural norms and behaviors that together deliver new results.Link

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